Monday, May 27, 2024

Super Dog Jumps From 5th Floor Of Under-Construction Building, What Happened Next??

We have observed humans doing different stunts from high rise building but have you seen an animal doing the same? This time, one such video of a brave dog is doing the rounds where a black street dog can be seen jumping from a high-rise under-construction building.

The short clip shared on X, starts with the dog seeming to scale the height, from an under-construction building’s 5th floor and then taking the dangerous leap downwards. What is shocking that the dog survived the stunt without any safety gear and walked away casually as if nothing happened after the deadly jump.

It however appeared that the dog also hit a fence during the fall but managed to walk away unhurt. The viral video has been viewed more than 11.6 million times. “Dog continues walking normally after jumping from 5th floor,” the video posted by @crazyclipsonly on X is captioned.

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