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Two dead, seven injured in Dibrugarh Express accident

Two people died and 20 others were injured after the Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express train derailed near Gonda station in between Motiganj and Jhilahi railway station...


Sandalwood Star Darshan arrested in connection with murder case

Sandalwood ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan was detained this morning by the Kamakshipalaya police, from a Radisson Blu Hotel in connection with the murder case of...

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Razole Crows Unity Video : Chicken Shop Owner Ties Crow With Rope, Frees Bird As Hundreds Of Crows Gather Above Market

In a bizarre incident that unfolded in the daily market of Tatipaka in Ambedkar Konaseema district of Andhra Pradesh, a chicken shop owner tied...

Assam floods: 137 wild animals, including 6 Rhinos dead in Kaziranga National Park

NAGOAN(Assam): In the devastating Assam floods, 137 wild animals, including six Rhinos, have died in the Assam flood at Kaziranga National Park, officials said. Meanwhile,...

New dinosaur species discovered from 100-million-year-old bones – Meet Haliskia peterseni

Scientists recently announced the discovery of this creature’s fossils in Queensland, Australia. Named Haliskia peterseni, it lived alongside dinosaurs and marine reptiles during the...

Humans decode an ‘alien message’ from Red Planet. Here’s what was hidden in the signal

The impossible was made possible by a father and daughter duo when they decoded an 'alien' signal from Mars. The task which was assigned by...

A new species of Impatiens found in Western Ghats..! here is complete details

The Nelliampathi hills are a storehouse of diverse flora. A team of botanists has discovered a new species at Nelliampathi Minnam Para in Palakkad,...


Udupi: Man Jumps into River infront of wife over Family disputes

Kundapur:A domestic dispute between a couples in Kandlauru village, culminated in tragedy when the husband took his own life. The deceased has been identified...

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