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India stands with Israel..! Here is the top reason to Help

How Israel helped India during the Kargil war..?

Why India supports Israel..?? This question rising in some minds. Bharat and Israel beloved friends from hundred years. Israel govt teaches to children how Jews safe in India. Thousands of jews safely leading their life from past many many years.

Here is the answer for why India stand with Isael.

In May 1999, the Indian Army learned of Pakistan’s large-scale military intrusions in the Kargil-Dras sector. What followed was a counter-offensive code-named Operation Vijay.

Nicolas Blarel in his book The Evolution of India’s Israel Policy (OUP), he writes – Pakistan’s phased infiltration in forward outposts in inhospitable and elevated terrains revealed the Indian’s military unpreparedness in both spotting and preventing the incursions across the LoC, as well the lack of training and experience in mountain warfare.

Amid the discussion on how and what went wrong, India turned to Israel, a country with technology and experience in border control and counter-terrorism. Israel aided India with mortar and ammunition and became one of the few countries that helped India directly. According to Blarel’s book, Israel even provided India with laser-guided missiles for its fighter jets and surveillance drones.

The Indian Air Force came across various problems while providing air support to ground troops including “inaccurate unguided missiles and limited sight of the Pakistani bunkers”. They even had orders not to cross the LoC under any circumstances. At this time, Israel provided laser-guided missiles for IAF Mirage 2000H fighters. The precision bombing material then “limited the advantage of the Pakistani soldiers based on high position” and helped India without violating the orders to not cross LoC.

During Kargil, Israel was forced by United States of America and other countries to delay delivery of shipment of arms that were ordered before the intrusion. Israel, however, delivered the order quickly.

Israel helped India when both the countries did not even have diplomatic ties. India had voted against Israel’s creation in 1948. But even when Israel was facing an arms shortage, the former PM Golda Meir decided to divert arms meant for Iran to India during the 1971 war. She even sent a note addressed to then PM Indira Gandhi asking for diplomatic ties in return for arms, a book by scholar Srinath Raghavan revealed.

After Kargil, India introspected on its defense loopholes and decided to modernise its forces. And in 2000, India’s External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh along with then Home Minister LK Advani visited Israel that began the series of ministerial level visits to the country.

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