Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Indian origin Student in America Struck by Lighting: Suffers Severe Injuries

Heavy rains with thunder are falling in North-East America. It is reported that this large-scale thunderstorm has had a severe impact on air travel. An Indian origin student in America was struck by lightning.

Susrunya Koduru, a 25-year-old telugu student from india who went to study in America and settle there, was seriously injured.

Susrunya studying in America houston university. Susrunya went for a walk at the lake in San Jacinto Monument Park. It seems that Susrunya got seriously injured due to a lightning strike at this time.

As a result, she got injured and fell into the nearby pond. The person who noticed this situation immediately jumped into the pond and helped her and brought her to the shore.

During this time, her heart stopped for a few minutes and the doctors said that she went into a coma due to severe brain damage. According to the MRI reports, the doctors say that she has anoxic encephalopathy.

Doctors say that this disease occurs due to lack of oxygen to the brain for a long time. But her friends say that Susrunya dreams of completing her master’s degree and settling down well in the field of information technology in America.

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