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Communist Party tries to put blame on RSS for the murder of DYFI activist killed by SDPI member; BJP leader Sandeep Vaachaspathi exposes the allegations with proof

The communist party has begun spreading fake news that the sangh parivar or RSS was behind the murder of a DYFI activist, Ambadi. However, the police arrested the murderer, Amithab Chandra, who is a SDPI member. But that has not stopped the DYFI’s propaganda on social media that their member was murdered by RSS.

(News with inputs of Janam TV)

DYFI leader, Chinta Jerome, uploaded a post on Facebook saying that RSS was behind the killing of DYFI activist Ambadi. This has led to widespread criticism and spreading false messages.

In reaction to Chinta Jerome’s false allegations, BJP spokesperson Sandeep Vaachaspathi has shared photos and details of the accused arrested by the police, which prove that the murder was committed by SDPI.

In his Facebook, Sandeep Vaachaspathi says that the attempt of the DYFI to put the blame on the RSS for the murder of the DYFI activist in an attack by a criminal gang is part of the ploy to destroy the peace of the area.

Sandeep continued saying that the accused arrested by the police, Amithab Chandra, is an accused in many criminal cases. He had also taken the membership of SDPI. Immediately after the murder happened, CPI(M) leaders had said that criminal gang was behind it.

The BJP leader said that after an Area Committee meeting of the DYFI at night, the party took the decision to put the blame of the murder on RSS. This was to cover up the deep fissure within the CPI(M) and DYFI of Kayamkulam in the fake certificate row.

Sandeep Vaachaspathi also demanded that the DYFI’s area and state leaders must withdraw the false accusations, which even the communist party members or the locals do not believe.

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