Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Student threatens professor with nude video, demands extortion

Student threatens professor: The one who should study has gone astray.. He has turned his friendship with the teacher.. in his favor and committed evil. At the same time.. he took nude videos of the female professor.. and then committed blackmail. He wanted to destroy her life without stopping there. He sent the video to her husband for money and got Rs. He demanded lakhs.

This shocking incident, which caused a stir across the country, took place in a university in Maharashtra. According to Pune Police, a student named Mayank Singh (26) from Bihar used to study in a university.

Two years ago, he chatted with a female professor through Instagram. After that he started calling her directly.. WhatsApp call. He had been talking to her till then.. One day he video called her and threatened her to do as he said, otherwise he would defame her in the university. After warning that the phone records between the two would be released in the university, the female professor appeared naked as the accused said.

However, Mayank Singh, who recorded the scenes, committed blackmail. Rs. He tortured him saying that if he did not pay lakhs, he would make the videos viral.

This matter came to light when the victim from Manjari and her husband filed a complaint at the Hadapsar police station. Hadapsar police said that the harassment has been going on since 2020. They are conducting a full investigation.

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