Monday, May 27, 2024

Srinagar turns into winter wonderland due to heavy snowfall, boosts tourism

Now Srinagar becomes the very fisrt tourist spots in Jammu and Kashmir, is blanketed with heavy white snowfall, marking a late but picturesque arrival of winter this year. The transformation of Srinagar into a winter wonderland has not only delighted residents but has also activated winter tourism centres.

The late arrival of snowfall had spread relief among the locals, as snowfall is not just a visual spectacle but a critical source of water for the region. However, the recent snowfall has alleviated these worries, bringing a serene white landscape to the city.

Simultaneously, Himachal Pradesh is experiencing persistent heavy snowfall, leading to the closure of 504 roads, including four national highways. The State Disaster Management Authority has imposed travel restrictions due to the challenging weather conditions. Additionally, essential services like electricity and water supply projects in the state have been adversely affected by the ongoing snowfall.

Here is the amazing views of Srinagar.. With beautiful, chill snowfall

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