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Muslim mob attacks Police station to rescue 4 people caught for bogus voting

Bihar: Indian General Assembly votes 5th phase was held on 20th May 2024. During the voting, three women named Sadia Sheikh, Saleha Fatima, and Zeenat Parveen along with a man named Sanaullah were taken into Police custody for casting bogus votes.

Later that night, a mob of more than 150 Muslims attacked the Police station to rescue the detainees. Police have set up a special investigation team to investigate the matter.

With input from Sanathan Prabhat

At the polling booth of Haqqania madarasa at Deora Bandhouli, Madhubani. these four persons were caught while casting bogus votes. They were detained at Jale Police station. The locals created chaos, but the Police sent them back. A mob of more than 150 people, however, attacked this Police station and rescued the detainees at night. A video of this incident has become viral on social media.

Making viral a video on this incident, Supreme Court advocate Shashank Shekhar stated that it was shocking. Three Muslim women and Mohammad Sanaullah were arrested at the Haqqania madarasa polling booth at Darbhanga, Bihar since they were casting bogus votes, wearing burqa. A mob of 100-150 Muslims later attacked the Jale Police station to help the accused escape from the custody.

Jagannath Reddy, a senior Police Superintendent (SP) of Darbhanga confirmed the incident. He said that the names of 24 people are available who were involved in the attack and 130 were unknown. Videos related to this incident and other proofs are being checked. The inquiry into this case is conducted by a special investigation team led by the SP, Darbhanga.

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