Monday, May 27, 2024

Military plane crashes in Russia; 74 reported killed

Moscow: Atleast 74 people were killed after a military plane crashed in Russia. According to reports, the military plane, Ilyushin-76 ,was carrying 74 people onboard. The accident took place in the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine. The incident occurred at 11am local time and the cause of the accident is yet to be ascertained. The plane was used to transport goods, carry weapons and transport soldiers.

Meanwhile, unverified reports claims that out of the 76 people on board, 65 were Ukrainian soldiers and all onboard were killed. It added that many Ukrainian soldiers were captured by Russian soldiers during the war and the plane crashed while it was transporting them to be handed over to the Ukrainian government.

At the same time, Russia has accused Ukraine of a planned attack that caused the plane to crash. “They shot their own soldiers in the air. Their own,” the speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin said in a statement.

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