Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Kerala police issues warning about ‘screen-share apps’ as a new threat to bank accounts

Thiruvananthapuram: In an age where digital scams continually threaten bank accounts, the Kerala police have issued a stern caution against the increasing prevalence of online fraud through screen-sharing applications. They shared this alert on their Facebook page.

With input from Janamtv Online

These screen-share apps are the newest tools for swindlers looking to get bank account details. Scammers, who pretend to be from banks or other organizations, convince people to download specific apps by sending them links in messages. When customers install these fake apps, which look like real bank apps, the scammers can collect their account information through screen sharing. That’s how they commit the fraud.

The police advise everyone that banks or authorized financial institutions won’t ask you for personal information over the phone. So, if you receive phone calls, SMS, or emails asking for personal information, it’s best to ignore them and be cautious.

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