Monday, May 27, 2024

Gray langur escapes from Thiruvananthapuram zoo..! Still playing hide and seek

A female gray langur, which escaped from the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo 10 days back, continues to remain out of reach of those trying to capture her and bring her back to the zoo.

On Wednesday, the langur was spotted resting on a tamarind tree near the state-run Mascot hotel, very close from the zoo.

Two zoo-keepers have been deputed to keep an eye on the langur after it was decided by the higherups that attempt will not be made to tranquilise the animal and then bring it back to the zoo.

With news spreading that the langur was seen sitting on the tree, a crowd gathered at the spot watch the antics of the animal.

The langur escaped from the zoo on June 13, when efforts were being made to release her into an open enclosure, with the zoo-keepers running helter-skelter to capture the animal.

That night, the langur was spotted at a residential colony near the zoo, but all efforts to capture it proved futile as it jumped from one tree to the other. The next day, it was spotted on a tree inside the zoo campus. The langur is part of two such animals which were relocated to the zoo from Tirupati earlier this month.

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