Monday, May 27, 2024

Accused of defrauding a priest of crores of rupees: 45 lakh rupees seized

Bengaluru: Banashankari police have arrested a person in connection with a case of defrauding a priest of Rs 1.07 crore by believing that he would double his money in twenty months. Arrested accused identidied as Seshagiri native of Tamil Nadu

He has experience in stock market. Seshagiri tricked priest Raghavendra Acharya into believing that he would double the money. Accused Seshagiri is a BCom graduate and has worked in various banks and private companies.

He grabbed money from the priest step by step and used it in the stock market. Through this, grabbed 1.7 crores of money. If he asked for this money back, he would not give it. When Raghavendra Acharya said that he will file a complaint, he paid thirty lakh rupees and switched off his mobile phone and hid.

Raghavendra filed a complaint in Banashankari police station. As soon as the complaint was registered, the accused was arrested in Tamil Nadu. 45 lakh rupees have been seized from the arrested.

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