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Woman goes into hiding after she grabs lakhs of rupees from several people by promising jobs in abroad; police intensifies search

Kerala: The police are on the hunt for a woman in a job scam case. A women cheated several people by offering them jobs in Russia and Oman, collecting money amounting to lakhs of rupees.

The accused Sindhu has gone into hiding and the police are trying to find her whereabouts after the police received many complaints from various districts. Sindhu is said to have collected about Rs.20 lakhs from many people with the promise of arranging jobs in foreign countries.

Last year in June, the Kattappana police had arrested Sindhu on the complaint of a woman from Kozhimala on similar charges. However, Sindhu got bail from the court and got out of jail.

She cheated another person of more than Rs.2.5 lakh by promising him that she would arrange a job for him in Russia. Most of the complainants are from Kozhikode, Kottayam, and Ernakulam districts.

Sindhu had also given fake Visas to those whom she had promised jobs in Russia and also sent them to Delhi. These people realized that they were cheated only after they reached Delhi. When most of them returned and called up Sindhu, she avoided them by giving many reasons.

She also promised to return their money. But when she did not keep her promise and failed to produce the money on the given dates, the victims reached Katappana.

Several people, including many from Pathanamthitta, also got duped by her promise of arranging jobs in Oman. Sindhu also cheated a woman named Joyce of Rs.75,000.

Though the police have intensified their search for Sindhu after receiving many complaints from victims, she still remains absconding.

(With inputs from Janam TV)

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