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Wife lodges harassment complaint against IAS officer Akash Shankar

Retired IPS officer’s daughter has filed a complaint against her husband, IAS officer Akash Shankar, alleging that he is spreading slander, using abusive words on social media. Apart from Dr Vandana’s husband, she has also named his brother Vikas Shankar and his wife Chetana Vikas, and Aisiri Shivakumar.

Earlier, a dowry harassment case and assault case was registered in the East Zone Women’s police station against Akash’s father, Vikas Shankar and mother Chandrikaalleging that Akash’s parents were greedy for money even though they had given Rs 50 lakh as dowry.

And organised the marriage ceremony at Palace Grounds in a grand manner. Now, they are spreading false accusations on social media, Dr Vandana’s family claimed.

According to the complaint, Shankar had posted derogatory statements about Dr Vandana on Google, referring to her as the “Trafficking of Khakees daughter” and the “Trafficker of Dr Vandana”.

Additionally, he allegedly shared a derogatory status targeting her. Dr Vandana brought these matters to the attention of the police.

The dowry harassment complaint filed by Dr Vandana earlier accused Akash Shankar and his family of subjecting her to mistreatment. She claimed that Akash physically assaulted her when she questioned his frequent conversations with another woman on his mobile phone.

Dr Vandana further alleged that Akash demanded dowry in the form of property and insisted she purchases a house for him.

The complaint stated that she was eventually forced out of the house on December 11, 2022. Her father intervened to reconcile the situation on March 5, 2023, but upon her return to the house, she was met with verbal abuse, as mentioned in the complaint.

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