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Why Ancient city of Dwarka submerged in the sea? Here is the story of Gandhari’s curse

Dwaraka..! After Prime Minister Narendra Modi done a scooba dive under sea of dwaraka, millions of people seach in Google for what is the significance of City Dwaraka. Dwaraka is one of the finest city build by Devashilpi Vishwakarma.

Jarasandha again and again attack the city of Mathura. The people of Mathura didn’t safe because of Jarasandha’s attack. That’s why Lord Krishna want to be built safe city to rescue his people. His dream project of building a dwaraka fulfilled by Vishwakarma.

The lost city Dwaraka was found in last middle of the 20th century. According to Mahabharat, the city had to submerge because of Queen Gandhari’s curse on Lord Krishna.

At the ending of Kurukshetra war, possibly, on the 16th or 17th day evening of the war, Queen Gandhari came to the battle field and was extremely sad and devastated to have her 99 sons (except Duryodhan) killed by Bheem.

When Lord Krishna went to offer his condolences, Gandhari in fury asked Lord Krishna why he did not end the war in a moment’s notice though he has the power, and let it proceed. It was King Dhritarastra’s fate to be born blind and having his 100 sons killed in this life time.

But Gandhari did nothing in her past lives nor in her current life to receive such brutal suffering. Gandhari, in her desperation and rage, gave a notorious curse to Lord Krishna: To feel the pain she is facing of having her sons being killed, Krishna will see the entire of his Yadava clan, die infront of his eyes and his kingdom will burn to the ashes. He and his brother will be left with no lineage to rule. All of Krishna’s sons will die in a massive fight that will happen in Dwaraka. Krishna on the other hand will have no power to stop this war and will flee to the forest without any weapons. There in the forest, unarmed, he will be killed by a hunter and later, the entire city of Dwaraka will sink into the sea.

The remaining Yadavas, who survive the war will be suffering a lot because of chaos and facing all the above misery. Lord Krishna, though he had the power to nullify the curse, wholeheartedly accepted the curse.

As per the curse, A small feud started among the Yadavas and it evolved into a massive fight. This fight killed all the sons of Lord Krishna and his elder brother. Almost all of the Yadavas were killed and the city was burnt to ashes. Krishna and his brother fled to the forests without stopping the fight. Later in the forest Krishna was struck by an arrow, mistaken for a deer, by a hunter who was actually King Baali of Ramayana period in his rebirth. Later, the city submerged into the sea.

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