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Explosive Claims In Parliament : Senator Lidia Thorpe says she was sexually assaulted by another senator

Australian Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe has withdrawn her explosive sexual assault claim made against Victorian Liberal senator David Van. On Thursday Senator Lidia detailed allegations that she had been sexually “assaulted” in parliament, stating the building was “not a safe place” for women to work.

Explosive Claims In Parliament..!

During a Senate sitting on June 14, 2023, independent senator Lidia Thorpe used parliamentary privilege to accuse Liberal senator David Van of sexually assaulting her.

Van was addressing the chamber in regard to the sex discrimination commissioner’s report on parliamentary workplaces, when Thorpe interjected.

“I’m feeling really uncomfortable when a perpetrator is speaking about violence,” Thorpe began.

“This person harassed me, sexually assaulted me. The [then] prime minister [Scott Morrison] had to remove him from his office. To have him talking about this today is an absolute disgrace on the whole party.”

On same day, Thorpe restated the core of her allegations against conservative David Van, who has strenuously denied the claims. David Van on Thursday said he was “shattered and battered” by the allegations, telling local media they were “utterly untrue.”

Thorpe Withdrew The Explosive Claims

“Earlier today I made some comments in relation to another Senator. In order to comply with parliamentary standing orders, I withdraw those remarks. For the information of the Senate, I will make a further statement on the matter tomorrow [June 15].

During her speech to the senate on June 15, Thorpe said she “had to withdraw them because the rules of the Senate do not allow you to speak about someone‚Äôs character.”

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