Thursday, May 23, 2024

Very Rare Snake Redtail Bamboo Pit Viper Rescued From Shop Near Children’s Park

Assam: A venomous Redtail Bamboo Pit Viper entered shop nearby Water Resources Department adjacent to the Children’s Park Silchar. It was found to be inside the shop near the side of a carton. When Owner of that shop called to resue snake. The snake was successfully rescued and released into its natural habitat by Trikal Chakraborty, a wildlife enthusiast and regular snake rescuer. Awareness about the snake was also provided to the locals.

The snake which is of a rare species is being seen nowadays during the rainy season. In Silchar town also the Green Pit Viper has been found a few times including from Chhotelal Seth Institute last year. Some people try to poke the snake which is dangerous because it strikes using very big fangs.

The Redtail Bamboo Pit Viper, also known as Trimeresurus erythrurus, is a venomous snake species native to Southeast Asia. These vipers are primarily found in the forests of Southeast Asia, including countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

In the awareness session, Trikal Chakraborty and his team informed the people to call them if they come across any such snake and don’t poke it as it may bite. Later, the snake was released in a rainforest which is it’s proper natural habitat.

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