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One plant is best solution to easily multiply Guppies of your Fish tank

Guppies don’t actually need much to breed, just plop them in and they’ll start multiplying in no time. However, the adults will eat the babies so unless you take the fry out, youre bavk to square one. When the fry hatch they’ll need smaller foods so just make sure to grind up whether food you feed the adults.

Live aquatic plants are a great addition to any aquarium, but they can be especially beneficial in aquarium fish breeding. Not only do plants simulate a natural breeding environment for many fish species, but they can also be used to establish safe hiding places for fry, which increases the fry survival rate by protecting young fish from hungry adults.

Certain plants not only offer aesthetic appeal but also function as ideal breeding sites for adult fish to lay their eggs. As the fry hatch, consistent nourishment is essential, and live plants can harbor the development of microorganisms that serve as a food source for newly hatched fry.

Live plants also help maintain water quality in freshwater aquariums, playing a vital role in water purification by absorbing harmful ammonia and nitrite from waste produced by fish.

Hornwort is one of the hardiest plants in the aquarium hobby. Like Water Sprite, it can be either rooted to the substrate or left free-floating at the top of the tank. It is also a fast-growing plant even in low-tech setups, so it helps improve water quality.

Hornwort provides a lot of cover for fry to hide in. It is a great aquarium plant to consider when other alternatives are being eaten by goldfish or other plant-nibbling species. Hornwort has tough leaves that make it too difficult for most fish to eat.

Hornwort is especially beneficial for breeding guppies and smaller nano fish species. Its tiny leaves offer excellent refuge for young fry, keeping them safe from potential predators.

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