Monday, May 27, 2024

Higher Education Department set to implement National Education Policy in Kerala for modernization of universities

The Kerala state govt is gearing up to follow the National Education Policy (NEP) introduced by the central government. In a step towards modernising universities, the state is preparing for drastic changes, particularly the expansion of four-year undergraduate courses. A draft bill is under preparation for amending the law at 10 universities.

One of the notable changes aims to put an end to the prolonged waiting period for exam results. The system will ensure swift result declarations, with certificates made available to students within one month after the conclusion of examinations. Strict measures will be taken against officials who fail to adhere to this timeline. Additionally, the power to recognise degrees will be granted to the Syndicate across all universities.

The bill proposes the creation of an executive committee within the academic council, with a mandate to convene at least twice a month to smooth application processes and prevent delays. The proposed bill draws inspiration from recommendations provided by the Shyam Menon Commission, the University Law Reform Commission, and the Examination Reform Commission reports. Plans are underway to introduce the bill in the upcoming assembly session.

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