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Muslim Couple Names Daughter Mahalaxmi; Here is the Reason

Maharashtra: An incident has taken place where a Muslim couple has named their child Mahalakshmi. A pregnant woman who was traveling with her husband in Mahalakshmi Express had labor pains. Within a few moments, Fatima gave birth to a baby girl on the train. As the child was born on the Mahalakshmi Express train, the couple named the child as Mahalakshmi.

Fatima Khatun, a 31-year-old Muslim woman from Mira Road, delivered a baby girl aboard the Kolhapur-Mumbai Mahalaxmi Express on June 6. In a heartwarming twist of fate, her husband named the baby Mahalaxmi, the Hindu goddess whose name adorns the train. The baby was delivered as the train crossed at the Lonavla stop, local media reports said.

Fatima’s husband, Tayyab, chose to name their newborn Mahalaxmi by drawing inspiration from the train itself. Tayyab shared, “A few co-passengers, who had travelled from Tirupati to Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur, said that my daughter’s birth on this train was like getting darshan of the goddess. Hence I decided to name her Mahalaxmi.”

The couple, already blessed with three sons, had embarked on the journey from Kolhapur to Mumbai as Fatima’s due date approached on June 20. However, fate had its own timetable.

Tayyab recounted the dramatic turn of events, “The train halted for more than two hours at Lonavla due to engine failure. When it restarted around 11pm, my wife complained of abdomen pain and went to the lavatory. As she did not return for a long time, I checked on her and found that she had delivered the baby. Woman passengers came to our aid.”

Quick thinking led Tayyab to contact the Government Railway Police (GRP) helpline, as advised by a constable on board. Upon reaching Karjat station, the family disembarked, greeted by the swift response of the GRP and medical personnel.

API Mukesh Dhange of Karjat GRP said, “We alerted Karjat sub-district hospital and nurse Shivangi Salunke and staff reached the station. The woman and baby were immediately taken to the hospital for further treatment.”

Savita Patil, assistant matron at the hospital, provided assurance of their well-being. Patil said that both mother and the baby were discharged from the hospital after three days of treatment.

(With inputs from agencies)

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