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Man assaults Hindu girlfriend for refusing to convert to Islam, Raped her on the pretext of marriage and forced abortion twice

Muslim man from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh rapped Hindu girl by pretexting of love and marriage assurance. The accused young man identities as Aqib Javed. Aqib first befriended young Hindu woman, developed a relationship with her, and then later he started pressurising her to change her religion to Islam.

During this time, Aqib raped her on the pretext of loving and marrying her. He beat up the girl for refusing to convert. At first, the police registered a complaint of assault and asked the girl to leave. When she approached the Inspector General with the complaint, a case was registered against the accused. The case is from the Sakri police station area.

The victim, a resident of Sakri area, got to know 22-year-old Aqib Javed, a resident of Kumharpara Jarhabhata, a few years ago. One day Akib expressed his love for her. Accused promised to marry her and had physical relationship. After that, she accused me of causing two abortions.

The case was registered on the orders of the IG. The girl’s medical examination was conducted on Friday, 30th June 2023. Police have arrested the accused Aqib Javed (age 22) and sent him behind bars.

Then the accused young man brutally assaulted her. After this, the accused Aqib Javed started harassing her in different ways. During this time, the girl also apologised to him. Aqib Javed then asked her to change her religion to get married. But when she talked about marriage according to Hindu customs, Aqib Javed got angry.

After not getting cooperation from the police, the victim girl went to IG Badrinarayan Meena with her complaint. Taking the matter seriously, he directed the police to book of a case against the accused Aqib Javed, after which the police registered a case of rape and arrested him.

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