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Devotional song writer, Kannan Bhasi accuses Kreupasanam retreat center for trying to convert him by promising money

Kerala’s famous Devotional song writer, Kannan Bhasi alleged that retreat centre from Alappuzha, trying to forcibly convert him to Christianity. Bhasi has come out against the kreupasanam retreat center for trying to forcibly convert him to Christianity. Those who are coming with the ‘Kripasanam Papers’, which the retreat center claims have miracle powers, threatened the householders and even promised money for conversion.

Kerala’s Janam Tv reported this news. According to Bhasi’s allegation media reported this news.

The retreat center called the Kreupasanam is Catholic Church-run prayer institution in the district of Alappuzha. There is a claim that the monthly newspaper printed by the center, called Kreupasanam’ has miraculous powers and can cure many ills. There are also testimonials from people who were ‘cured’.

When Kannan Bhasi was in Germany they offered money and also threatened him to convert to Christianity. They also threatened by saying that if he did not convert he will languish in European prisons till the end of his life.

song writer Kannan also said that high ranking police officers are also part of this coversion network. They are also luring victims using mostly women. He said that he had to leave Alappuzha district after it became hard to live there.

Meanwhile, Kannan Bhasi is preparing to approach the court after their house visits for conversion purposes became frequent.

These superstitious beliefs and claims are widely criticized by rationalists and the testimonials of the devotees have turned into memes over social media. However, it is reported that many other complaints have been raised against this institution but the communist government has not taken any action against it.

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