Monday, May 27, 2024

Malayalee student commits suicide in hostel in Karnataka after college authorities refuse to grant him leave to attend housewarming ceremony

Bengaluru: A student from Kerala, hanged himself to death in a hostel in Karnataka. Student identified as M. Akhilesh, a native of Chengannur in Alappuzha district.

Akilesh was a second year BPT student at the Sri Devaraj Aras Medical College in Kolar.

Akilesh’s relatives accuse that he committed suicide out of grief after the college did not allow him leave to come to Kerala and attend the housewarming ceremony of his home.

Akilesh had even taken air ticket to come to Kerala and attend the ceremony on time.

Yesterday, Akilesh reached his hostel room at around 1.30 pm. When he did not open the door of his room for quite some time, the other students broke into the room and saw him hanging on the window railing.

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