Thursday, May 23, 2024

Kerala govt decided to cull ill, seriously wounded stray dogs

Kerala government has decided to kill stray dogs that are seriously ill and injured. The move comes amid reports of stray dogs turning violent and attacking people. Recently, a boy was found dead in an alleged stray dog attack near his home.

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‘The government will conduct mercy killings of stray dogs that are seriously ill or wounded. The report said that the minister admitted that the stray dog menace is increasing day by day and that there is a crisis regarding it’ said by Local Self Government Minister, MB Rajesh.

However, the Minister said that the decision to curb dog menace will be taken on the basis of existing laws and court orders. The minister also added that animal lovers in the state will be called for a meeting to seek their support for Animal Birth Control rules.

MB Rajesh also called for amending the Animal Birth Control rules for stopping the dog menace in the state. He said that the government is planning to move the court for culling violent dogs, said the report.

Yesterday the Supreme Court issued a notice to Kerala after a plea was submitted seeking permission to euthanize suspected rabid and extremely dangerous dogs in Kannur district. The plea was submitted by the Kannur district panchayat.

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