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16-year-old girl raped by 68-year-old man; son records video thinking that was some black magic

Teenage girl was raped by a 68-year-old man in Delhi. What could come as a shock is that the man’s son recorded the inhumane act on his phone, thinking that his father was doing some black magic.

On Tuesday, 16-year-old victims father went to the police station and showed them the video that was recorded by the son of the accused. Between April 20 and 30, the incident took place at the residence of the accused, as per the police. The accused had asked the survivors to not tell anyone about the incident. Until the video of the act was seen by the fact, the victim due to fear didn’t open up about the incident.

According to the father of the victim, both were neighbours and the former had often been to her house and even went with them on religious trips. The day when the incident took place, he somehow managed to bring the girl to his house, the accused told the police.

The survivor added that the accused then took her to some quiet place and raped her. The accused’s son thought that his father was engaged in some sort of black magic and he set up the phone to catch him in the act. However, he didn’t know that he would end up capturing the entire rape incident.

As per the police, the son didn’t share a good relationship with his father and was living in the same residence along with his wife and children. After the son and the father were thoroughly investigated, the accused was arrested and taken to judicial custody, said the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Sagar Singh Kalsi.

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