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ATM cash refill vehicle driver flees with Rs 22.40 Lakh

Mumbai: Mumbai: Driver of an ATM cash refilling vehicle allegedly absconded with Rs 22.40 lakh after abandoning the vehicle on the road. Incident took place while the guard and employee were refilling cash in an ATM machine on Akurli Road, Kandivli East, on Saturday evening.

The incident occurred outside Kamgar hospital on Akurli Road. when the driver was left alone in the van with Rs 22.40 lakh in cash. The complainant Rajaram Ghadigaonkar, employee of Securitytrance India Pvt Ltd, was part of the team assigned to the cash van. The team included cash custodian Amitkumar Singh, driver Sagar Sonawane, and security guard Shakil Shaikh.

On Saturday, when the team started their work they had Rs 3.52 crore. They started from their office in Goregaon, and had to refill various ATM centres from Goregaon to Borivli.

“At 7.45 pm, during our last stop on Akurli Road, Amitkumar Singh and I along with the security guard went to refill an ATM machine, leaving the driver alone in the van with the cash of Rs 22.40 lakh,” said Ghadigaonkar in his complaint to the police.

Upon their return, Sonawane was found to be missing, and the van’s door was left unlocked. Multiple attempts were made to contact Sonawane, but there was no response. Upon inspecting the van, a plastic bag containing R22.40 lakh was missing. Ghadigaonkar promptly notified their superior, and they proceeded to Samta Nagar police station to lodge a case.

“We have registered a case under section 381 of IPC and initiated the investigation. It has been revealed that Sonawane was a resident of the BMC Colony in Santosh Nagar, Goregaon East. A team was sent, but he has not been found yet,” the police officer said. Probe underway.

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