Thursday, May 23, 2024

Woman Rescues Baby Panther, Mistaking It For A Cat

A Russian woman rescued a stranded baby black panther by the side of the road, mistaking it for a domestic cat.

Her compassionate act of rescuing the panther has since captured the attention of social media, with a video of the incident going viral.

The video opens to show the woman picking up the panther and taking it home to take care of it. As the animal starts growing, she realises that it is, in fact, a black panther. The video further shows the bond between the woman, the panther, and a pet dog.

This captivating video was posted on Instagram by the user @factmayor and originally uploaded by @luna_the_pantera. It was shared on September 21.

Same Russian woman from the last two years posting videos on YouTube about black panthers daily routine. Here is some videos

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