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After 1 Muslim and 4 Hindu wives, Rashid abducts a sixth Hindu Girl

A man, who is already married five times (1 muslim wife and 4 Hindu wives) has now allegedly kidnapped a 19-year-old Hindu girl and married her after converting her religion.

Rashid, belonging to Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district, he converted her to Islam and married her according to Islamic rituals.

Notably, Muslim men are allowed to take up to four spouses as per Islamic law. “Will take your other daughter with me too,” he threatened when the victim’s family lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against him.

The woman allegedly went missing from her maternal uncle’s house four days ago. When the woman’s relatives filed a missing person report, the accused threatened them, saying if they lodged a report at the police station, he would also kidnap their other daughter.

The distressed family filed a missing person’s report shortly after the development. Upon figuring out that a complaint has been lodged, the offender called them and threatened to abduct their second daughter as well if his name was not immediately removed from the FIR. Multiple cases are registered against him at Chaprauli police station.

Yashveer Singh, a preacher from Shamli’s Baghara Ashram, has issued a warning stating that the woman should be recovered within 24 hours, otherwise a grand council of Hindu organisations will be held in the village of Adamapur, Shamli, on June 22. The man is a resident of Adamapur.

Singh and the members of Bajrang Dal created a commotion at Babri Police Station on Friday evening. Hindu organisations are calling the matter “love jihad”, claiming that the Muslim man kidnapped the woman and then married her by forcibly converting her religion.

Police have not yet recovered the woman or arrested the accused.

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