Thursday, May 23, 2024

Woman patient gang-raped by doctors in Ghaziabad

A woman who came to the hospital was gang-raped by two people in Indira Vihar Colony, Khora, Uttar Pradesh state. On the pretext of treatment, the doctor and his friend injected the woman with drugs and gang-raped her.

The Delhi-based woman’s husband has registered a case at the Khoda police station. As the case was registered, the accused Dr. Saqib was arrested by the police. However, his friend Jackie is still absconding. Police are raiding for him at various places.

In the complaint given to the police, the woman’s husband said that his wife’s health had been bad for a long time. She was being treated by a doctor in Delhi. Saqib was contacted on phone after he did not recover.

Earlier she had come to Saqib for treatment. He used to call himself MBBS Doctor. Then Saqib asked his wife to come to the clinic for treatment. When he went on June 7, he gave medicine and sent it.

When she went to the clinic on June 19, the clinic was closed. After that the doctor’s friend Jackie came and told him that Saqib was at home and took him home. The woman’s husband alleged that Saqib injected her while she was in an unconscious state at home, after which they both raped her.

When questioned several times, the wife said that she was gang-raped by doctors named Saqib and Jackie. He also said that a video has also been made. The victim claimed that the duo threatened to make the video viral on social media if she told anyone about the rape.

The police have registered a complaint of rape and intimidation and arrested Saqib.

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