Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Three judges of Kerala University Youth Festival arrested for bribery allegations

Three judges were nabbed for taking bribes at the Kerala University Youth Festival. Arrested judges identified as Shaji, Jibin, and Jomet. Cantonment Police arrested them. Their arrests were recorded after the appeal committee meeting, following a complaint lodged by the Chairman of Kerala University.

The complaint alleges that during the university youth festival in Thiruvananthapuram, decisions regarding the winners of certain events were influenced by bribes. Specifically, bribery is alleged to have occurred during the ‘Margamkali’ event at the third venue of University College last night. Similar allegations of bribery were also raised regarding the ‘Thiruvathirakali’ performance.

However, all three judges maintain that they did not accept any bribes. The youth festival, which was suspended following the protest, resumed today at 4 pm. The appeal committee decided to re-stage ‘Margamkali’. The ‘Margamkali’ performance will take place again on Monday afternoon.

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