Monday, May 27, 2024

The song ‘Ee Sundarana Sanyasi Madabahude’ Went Viral..! Do You Know Who Sang? Here Is An Interview With The Singer

Bengaluru: Recently, the song ‘Ee Sundarana Sanyasi Madabahude’ is going viral on many social media sites including Instagram reels, YouTube short video.

Many people are making short videos of this song. But, what is the origin of that song? Who sang? Where is the full song? Most people don’t know that.

This song is sung by famous folk singer Mandya Malavalli Mahadevaswamy. He has sung these folk songs for the album ‘Arjuna Jogi Padagalu’ for Zenkar Music. In the third part of it, the song ‘Anyayakari Brahma.. Ee Sundarana Sanyasi Madabahude’ has now gone viral.

Mahadevaswamy sang many folk songs. In it, the song ‘Mahadeshwar Daya Barade’ has brought more fame. Here is full song. And also Kannada Daily Prajavani team did beautiful interview with Mahadevaswami.

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