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Former CM’s Daughter Decided To Undergo Sex-Change Surgery

Suchetana Bhattacharya, daughter of former Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, has decided to undergo a gender reassignment surgery and change her name to Suchetan. She has reportedly stated that she intends to get a sex change procedure to transform into a man.

According to an India Today report, Suchetana wants to change her name to “Suchetan” since she considers herself to be a male. The article further stated that Suchetana has started seeking legal counsel and obtaining all necessary certificates for the procedure.

According to Suchetana, “From my Montessori days, I identified myself as a man,” as mentioned in a Times of India report. She continued by saying that the realisation grew stronger over time.

Wish to be one, both physically and mentally
In an interview with India Today, Suchetana claimed that her father has known about it ever since she was a young girl. Suchetana said, “This is the one and only decision of mine. I will appeal to everyone not to distort this news. This is my own struggle. I want to fight this alone. It is better late than never. I have had this orientation since my childhood. Many people supported this, and many were heckled. Mentally, I am a trans-man, and physically, I want to be the same.”

Elaborating on her decision, she said, “Better late than never. Always knew I was a transman and have had an open discussion with my father. I will turn 42 this July 1. This is my decision and my father and I have always been progressive.” “This has nothing to do with communism, people who don’t understand the word too well, should understand that,” she added.

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