Thursday, May 23, 2024

Senior Congress Party leader Padmini Thomas joins BJP without any conditions

Senior Congress party leader, Former President of the Sports Council, Padmini Thomas, stated that she joined the BJP without any conditions. Padmini Thomas say’s that she had contemplated this decision for a long time and joined the BJP without seeking any positions.

Padmini Thomas clarified that her decision to join the BJP was as a party worker and not by design, emphasizing that it was her own choice. Padmini Thomas revealed that she mentally considered herself a BJP worker a year ago.

Padmini Thomas expressed her admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting the encouragement provided by his government to athletes and sportspersons, which motivated them to win more medals for the country.

Padmini praised the Modi government for empowering women in all fields, including sports, and acknowledged the recognition received by athletes securing medals in international competitions.

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