Thursday, May 23, 2024

Chandrayaan-3’s pragyaan rover has shared a 3D image of Vikram. Know the Marvel tech behind this picture

ISRO has shared an ‘anaglyph’ of the Vikram lander on the Moon captured by the Navigation Camera onboard the Pragyan rover.

The camera captured images of Vikram in both left and right directions. Together, these are called NavCam Stereo images. ISRO created the anaglyph using these images.

In photography, an anaglyph is a stereoscopic or composite picture printed by superimposing two images of the same object in different directions, and in different colours.

These colours are usually red and green. When viewed using certain filters, a stereo effect is created, which means that one will have the visual impression of three dimensions.

Isro posted that update in X

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