Thursday, May 23, 2024

Kerala Speaker Shamseer insults Hindu Gods, says it is just myth, Quran puts forward a progressive vision

Speaker AN Shamseer’s speech disrespecting Hindu beliefs and deities, has ignited a major controversy. His words are being cited as a recent example of the CPI(M)’s alleged anti-Hindu stance.

Speaker of Kerala’s Legislative Assembly, AN Shamseer, insulted Hindu Gods and rituals by dubbing it as mere myth. He said that these stories and superstitions are a hindrance to progress. The Speaker made these remarks at Ernakulam during a program.

Hindu believers have expressed their anger and criticism against the speaker for openly insulting and showing contempt for their religious convictions.

Various organizations, including BJP, Yuvamorcha, and Hindu Aikyavedi, have filed a complaint with the police, pointing out that Shamseer’s statements are intended to incite religious discord. Moreover, complaints against Speaker AN Shamseer are pouring in from different parts of Kerala.

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