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Kasaragod: Mothers Love without borders wins hearts: Nurse breastfeeds deceased Assam woman’s 37-day-old baby

Kasaragod: Amidst the tragic backdrop of the mother’s autopsy, a heartwarming act unfolds as a nurse breastfeeds a 37-day-old baby. Merin Benny, a nursing officer at Kasaragod General Hospital, came to the aid of the infant, who cried for milk, unaware of the mother’s absence.

The baby’s cries echoed in the room as relatives, standing beside the deceased Assam native’s body, struggled to comfort the infant. Moved by the infant’s distress, Merin, who is also a mother to a one-year-old baby, approached the bewildered relatives. Without hesitation, she decided to breastfeed the hungry baby. The deceased women identified as Ekadashi, W/o Rajesh Burman, Who have been settled in Kuniya.

“Upon hearing the baby’s cry, my heart trembled, and my own child’s face came to mind. That’s when I decided to breastfeed,” she said. The deceased woman had been admitted to Kasaragod General Hospital on Tuesday night after experiencing vomiting.

Merin, who is married to Bipin Thomas of Bandadukka, extended her compassion to the child, Riya Burman. Dr Jamal Ahmad, Deputy Superintendent of Kasaragod General Hospital, commended Merin for her exemplary gesture of support during a critical moment for the family.

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