Monday, May 27, 2024

Kannur: Maoist terrorists open fire into the sky..! Forest watchmen flees away

KANNUR: Maoist terrorists have been reported once again in Kannur district. During their regular patrolling, three forest department watchmen reported that they found the terrorists. Upon seeing the watchmen, the terrorists fired shots into the sky and then fled.

Source: Janam TV online

Upon hearing the sudden gunfire, forest watchmen, attempting to escape, fell and sustained injuries. This incident occurred near the Aralam wildlife sanctuary in Kannur district.

A group of communist terrorists was also discovered in the same area last week. According to the forest department, the terrorists entered a house in the area to charge their mobile phones and laptops, and they also consumed food from the house.

Local residents have expressed their constant fear, worrying that the terrorists may attack them at any time.

The forest department has stated that they are actively searching for communist terrorists and additional reinforcements are needed.

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