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Family reunited with cat after they accidentally ship it out with return

A couple in the US state of Utah was reunited with its pet cat, Galena after she was accidentally shipped all the way to California inside an Amazon return package. The cat, which luckily survived the days-long ordeal, was missing for around a week before being discovered by an Amazon warehouse worker.

Galena, an indoor-only cat, travelled all the way from Lehi, Utah, across the United States to Riverside, California which is more than 1,046 kilometres after she snuck into a box. The pet cat was reported missing by her owner Carrie Clark. It is also worth noting that the cat survived six days of travel with no food or water but was thankfully found by an Amazon worker named Brandy Hunter.

Hunter took Galena to a vet where she was scanned for a microchip which alerted Clark of her cat’s whereabouts.The couple from Utah had reported Galena missing on April 10. But as it turns out their pet cat had jumped into one of the packages undetected. “That was the worst part, we just had no idea what happened,” she told NBC affiliate KSL News.

In a post on Facebook, Clark described her cat as a “super shy indoor cat,” saying that she is a “part of our family and has never been gone this long before.”

Over the days, Clark was slowly losing hope of finding her beloved companion, but around a week later she and her husband Matt received a shocking alert from the cat’s microchip which said that she had been found somewhere near Los Angeles.

After Galena’s microchip was scanned, Clark’s contact information appeared and the vet called her and explained how the cat ended up in California. It was “the most amazing, insane news in the entire world,” she told KSL News.

“I just couldn’t even believe that she was in California…I thought it was a prank. It’s still hard to wrap my brain around,” she added. The Utah couple took the flight out to California to retrieve their pet.

In an update on Facebook, Clark said that Galena had “miraculously survived without water and food for six days…(and) her bloodwork was completely normal!!” She added, “Despite being much skinnier she is completely unharmed!”

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