Thursday, May 23, 2024

Director Joshiy’s house robbery: Accused arrested in Udupi

Kochi: Bihar native Mohammad Irfan, who stole film director Joshi’s house in Kochi, has been taken into custody by the investigating team. The city police commissioner said that they will investigate whether local help was received in the theft and whether they had knowledge about the jewelery in Joshi’s house.

Muhammad Irfan, who was arrested, is accused in 19 theft cases in 6 states. Mohammad Irfan is accused in the robbery of the owner of Bhima Jewelery in Thiruvananthapuram. Muhammad Irfan is the husband of Sita Mursi Zilla Panchayat President in Bihar. After the robbery at Joshi’s house, he escaped with a board of Zilla Panchayat President in the car. But within 16 hours he was caught from Udupi in Karnataka.

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Kochi City Police Commissioner stated that the help of Karnataka City Police Commissioner Raman Gupta was crucial in arresting the accused. The accused who was brought to Kochi this morning was produced in the court and taken into custody. He was remanded for three days.

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