Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Chandrayaan 3 Updates: close-up video of Moon captured by Vikram lander module

ISRO published some closer, detailed pictures of the Moon on Friday. Back on August 15, the spacecraft pulled off something pretty amazing – it snagged some absolutely breathtaking pictures of the Moon using its Lander Position Detection Camera (LPDC).

For those unaware, on August 17, the lander effectively disconnected from the spacecraft’s propulsion module. They’re scheduled lander Vikram to touch down moons land on August 23rd.

The pictures snapped by Chandrayaan-3 really show off its skills, giving us a super detailed look at the Moon’s surface. These images not only demonstrate how technologically impressive the spacecraft is but also lays the groundwork for similar projects in interplanetary travel. Most importantly though, it showcases the Moon’s landscape and topography.

Once the module, Vikram, completes its soft landing on the Moon, Pragyan will get down to some serious scientific business on the lunar terrain, on the lunar south pole.

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