Monday, May 27, 2024

Accused in drug case escapes from Kannur Central Prison

Kannur: It has been reported that the jail authorities failed in the case of a prisoner’s escape from Kannur Central Jail. Harshad, a native of Koyyode in the Kannur district and an accused in a drug case, escaped from the jail yesterday. The Central Jail Superintendent has submitted a report to the Jail DGP regarding the incident.

The report mentions that there was a mistake in assigning the accused to the welfare wing. Additionally, it points out that the shortage of staff in the jail is causing operational problems.

Harshad was sent to Kannur Central Jail in September 2023 after being sentenced in connection with a drug case. According to police records, Harshad escaped from the jail yesterday morning while he was near the highway collecting newspapers for the jail. He fled on a bike from the highway. Suspecting that the accused may have escaped to other states, the investigation has been extended to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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