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Five Flower Seeds You Should Be Planting This Monsoon..!

Do you love a lot of lush green foliage around you splashed with rain? How about we tell you that you can have a lot of other colors bless your sight during the monsoons? Let’s talk about monsoon flowers, flowers that can be sown during the monsoon months and will thrive in these very months. Monsoon usually strikes Indian subcontinent during the beginning of July or sometimes in the last week of June too and this season is pretty darn amazing o grow some flowers.

Here in this article we have picked some flower seeds that are perfect for your monsoon garden and they will produce some of the most beautiful, attractive, colourful flowers while they last.

Other than having a huge cultural and religional significance, marigold is flower that can bloom almost every kind of weather and monsoon is no exception. The blooms fill your garden with array of colours. Marigold available in mainly Yellow and Orange, other shades also available. Marigolds are pretty easy to grow as they don’t really need fertilisers and can grow in almost any soil. They also love sunshine and need moderate watering.

Colorful Zinnia is very easy to grew in our Place with less care. Zinnia plants are the perfect fit for almost every space you own and want to create a garden on. They can completely transport your terrace, balcony and outdor gardens. Zinnia plants bloom seasonally. The bright color and single flower on each stem gives it a perfect daisy flower plant look. The plant can grow upto 3 feet. Design and line the front of your house with this mesmerizing peach beauty, or mix-match with different colours to enhance the overall look of the space.

Vinca Plants
Vinca or commonly known as the Periwinkle plant, is a popular genus in the steep hillsides. It has the ability to overtake an area and a creeping habit to climb the steep slopes. However, the plants are most famous for their glossy and waxy broadleaf foliage with the sheer abundance of exquisite flowers. These flowers are low-maintenance and need less watering with partial sunshade. The blooms are usually annual and include a wide range of colours such as pink, white, and red.

Cosmos are among the exotic and fastest-growing annual flowers that grow the best during the summer season. Cosmos are perfect wildflowers for your large country garden, with their long green stems and brilliant coloured flowers. Besides this, the cut flowers are an excellent addition to your table to enhance your indoor aesthetic decor. Cosmos available in pink, yellow, orange and white shades.

The Gomphrena plant can grew in less care. It blooms flower in all seazons. Gomphrena flowers with globular blossoms of whites, reds, pinks, and purples. These warm-weather growing flowers attract the butterflies best and can also be used as dried flowers in your home after harvest season. The plant prefers full and direct sunlight and medium watering. Its soil can be enriched with organic fertilizers in a timely manner to help it grow and thrive.

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